Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Part 3: Best Christmas Ever - January in the Catskills

On Thursday, January 7, we flew from Kansas City to New York City via St. Louis. As we were flying out of St. Louis, we spotted the Arch. Having never been to the top of the Arch, that is definitely on our bucket list.

Arriving in NYC around noon, we met Nick and Megan at the Avis car rental office and headed to Kate's Lazy Meadow in the Catskills near Mt. Tremper, New York. On our way out of the city, we passed Yankee Stadium.

A few hours later, we arrived at Kate's Lazy Meadow, which is owned by Kate Pierson, former singer for the B52s.

Totem outside one of the cabins

Our cabin was a few miles away on Mink Hollow Road near Lake Hill, New York.

We loved the kitchen with lots of natural light and space.

These are some of the Native American designs on the walls and ceilings of the cabin. The center design was on the door leading from the living room to the kitchen.

 Chuck made breakfast sandwiches on Friday morning.

 And they were good!

 After breakfast we headed to Woodstock which was only 5 miles away.

Great bakery with a barn quilt on the side.

The lemon tart was fantastic!

 As we were walking down the street, we met "The Kazoo Lady of Woodstock" who is also a blues singer, sculptor and kazoo player. Quite a personality!

 Leaf pattern on a sidewalk in Woodstock

 Chuck liked the slab table and chairs in front of an antique store.

 We visited the Woodstock Artist Guild and saw some beautiful pottery and glass.

 We also saw some fine handcrafted furniture.

No words necessary. . .

On Friday evening, Nick's cousin Paul, along with Leann and his two well-mannered, energetic sons, Toma and Cyrus, joined us. Here's Toma kicking the soccer ball.

Cyrus taking his turn.

 Paul flying his Christmas drone.

 While the others were playing ice soccer, we took a walk up the road.

 Leann and the boys by the fire playing with their race car game.

Leann, Nick and Paul later that evening.

Nick, Megan and the boys by the river.

 We also stopped by Steve Heller's Fabulous Furniture.

Enjoyed our stay at the cabin!

Coming up next. . .January in Washington, DC!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Part 2: Best Christmas Ever - Christmas in Pittsburg

The day after Christmas Sarah went to the airport to pick up Ted, and Nick and Megan picked up their rental car to drive to Manhattan to visit a friend. Katy, Chuck and Rita headed to Pittsburg. Later after everyone safely made it to Pittsburg, we opened our presents.

 Ted opening Nick and Megan's gift from Australia.

 Chuck has a new backscratcher made from a kangaroo foot.

 Nick with his new barber-themed socks from Sarah.

 Don't you like your shark slippers and hat, Sarah?

Shark socks from Sarah and BBQ cookbook from us.

 From Ted to Chuck, a bottle of blackberry whiskey.

 DOUBLE DATE! DOUBLE DATE! t-shirts from Nick and Megan.

 Great t-shirts that Nick's sister Emily designed!

 On Sunday it was time for DOUBLE DATE! DOUBLE DATE! at the bowling alley with Rita and Katy as Uber drivers.


 Sunday afternoon and evening was cappelletti-making time.

 Chuck instructing Megan on how to fold cappelletti.

 Chuck making the pasta with Katy and Sarah rolling the meat in small pieces.

 Ted cutting the pasta into squares and Megan folding the caps.

 Fun time . . .

 And we're done!

 Time to eat! Cappelletti in broth, meatballs in marinara sauce, salad and rolls. YUM!

After dinner we headed to the family room for the "Irish Inquisition". We all came prepared with trivia questions on Ireland. And the winner . . . Ted!

 On Monday it was time for Sarah and Ted to head to the airport. The weather was iffy at best and Ted's flight was the only one not delayed or cancelled. Here we're sampling the last bottle of Boulevard's Snow and Tell before Sarah and Ted left.

 On Tuesday morning, we had breakfast at Bob's Grill before Nick and Megan headed for Dollywood.

Fun time in Pittsburg! In a week we will be meeting Nick and Megan in New York..

Coming up next - January in the Catskills!