Wednesday, December 6, 2017

SURVEY says. . .

The three of us did a survey of our recent trip to Iceland. Here are the results:

What did you like most about Iceland?
Sarah - Seeing the Northern Lights twice! The Black Diamond Beach and the Glacier Walk.
Rita - The Northern Lights and finding Agnes from the book, Burial Rites
Chuck - The Black Diamond Beach

Northern Lights (Sarah and Rita)

Black Diamond Beach at sunset (Sarah and Chuck)

Glacier Walk (Sarah)

Agnes Magnusdottir from the book Burial Rites (Rita)

What was your favorite food and/or meal in Iceland?
Sarah - Lobster pizza! Then the lamb burger and the pumpkin soup.
Rita - Buffet at Hotel Laugarbakki and the Skyr cake at Geitafell Seafood Restaurant
Chuck - Buffet at Hotel Laugarbakki and the Reindeer burger.

Yummy lobster pizza (Sarah)

Lamb burger (Sarah)

Pumpkin soup (Sarah)

Buffet at Hotel Laugarbakki (Rita and Chuck)

Skyr cake at Geitafell Seafood Restaurant (Rita)

What was your least favorite food and/or meal in Iceland?
Sarah - The fermented shark and the cod the first night
Rita - Pickled herring on some of the breakfast buffets and the warm, fresh cow's milk -- yuck!
Chuck - The Arctic Char

The fermented shark is in the small white bowl in the center of the plate with the toothpicks. (Sarah)

Cod the first night (Sarah)

Fresh, warm cow's milk (Rita)

Arctic char but the mushroom risotto was excellent! (Chuck)

What was your favorite hotel or guesthouse?
Sarah - Hotel Laugerbakki (converted schoolhouse near Hvammstangi) where we had the buffet. Then Seljavellir Guesthouse near Hofn where we had washcloths the first time
Rita - Hotel Laugerbakki with the buffet
Chuck - Hotel Laugerbakki (converted schoolhouse)

Hotel Laugerbakki (all of us!)

Seljavellir Guesthouse near Hofn (Sarah)

What was your favorite waterfall?
Sarah - Ljosafoss Waterfall (little waterfall on the east side) and Svartifoss Waterfall (black basalt waterfall)
Rita - Svartifoss Waterfall (black basalt waterfall) and Gullfoss Waterfall as it was the first one we saw and it was huge.
Chuck - Godafoss Waterfall

Ljosafoss Waterfall (Sarah)

Svartifoss Waterfall (Sarah and Rita)

Gullfoss Waterfall (Rita)

Godafoss Waterfall (Chuck)

What was most surprising about Iceland?
Sarah - That wind in Reykjavik.
Rita - The cost of food in restaurants and the cost of diesel fuel (at $1.84 per liter USD, it comes to $7.36 per gallon USD).
Chuck - Just how unique the scenery is in Iceland.

Would you like to go back to Iceland?
Sarah - Yes! Maybe to ice climb? I would like to see Snaefellsnes Peninsula with better weather and do some hiking in the lava fields. But there's a lot of other places I'd like to go first.
Rita and Chuck - Yes, but not until we first visit a few other places.

Chasing waterfalls in Iceland = Wonderful vacation!


  1. I love this wrap up! What a great trip :)

  2. That was a nice ending about your trip Iceland.